Understanding the Nuances of Typeface Classification

If both the colors and fonts are flashy, for example, then your design will look more like a circus poster. They are highly readable regardless of the font size or length of text. Serifs have been the oldest fonts used in print, and many are available by default on digital devices. Script fonts are less professional, so unless you have a more playful brand, you’ll want to save these for marketing graphics and other more B2C purposes.

This typeface style is designed to look informal, as if it were written in haste. This family includes Brush Script, Mistral, Kaufmann, choosing fonts for website Limehouse Script, Nadianne and Freestyle Script. The slab serif family is characterized by thick block lines at the end of strokes.

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As far as height goes, the x-height on the lowercase letterforms is tall compared to the cap height. The cap height is the top plane of a capital letter, like the straight line on the top of a capital T. The cross bar is the line in the center that crosses a capital H or A.

These fonts are usually lacking in the structure of traditional script letterforms and can also be technically categorized as sans serif. Script fonts mimic handwriting and are mostly used to convey a casual and friendly brand personality. Formal script fonts should be your choice when mimicking the handwriting of 17th and 18th-century masters. So, these are fancy fonts due to their over the top flourishes and curls that come out from the serif or swashes.

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They can be used in labels, headlines, logos, military and cartoon designs. They take inspiration from historical practice in which most logo designs, headlines and shop fronts used custom-designs by engravers and sign painters. Serif fonts are one of the most classic typefaces that designers use to portray a traditional, sophisticated, and formal tone in web or mobile app design. They all feature a small embellishment, line, or stroke attached to the end of each letter, giving web design or document an elegant and serious outlook. Hitting that sweet spot between sophisticated and open, Black Jack was created by Ronna Penner of Typadelic.

What Types of Fonts Exist

Typefaces like FF Trixie and Chapter 11 mimic the rough outcome of a typewriter key hammering the ribbon to leave its impression on the paper. Cleaner and more elegant options include Inconsolata, GT Pressura Mono and Nitti. In addition, monospace versions are available of many popular fonts such as Helvetica and DIN.

It’s no surprise to find Roboto as the default font used on the Android platform. A slab serif version of Roboto is also available for a more, eye-catching bold look. A humanist sans-serif commissioned by Google, Open Sans is clean, modern, and highly legible. It works equally well in large and small sizes and across the full range of digital and print marketing applications. One of the most popular Google Fonts, Open Sans is in use among many top brands, including Mozilla and Chase Bank. At home in both digital and print applications, Lato is one of the most downloaded typefaces on Google Fonts.

  • We’ve also made picks of the best Google fonts and the best Adobe fonts.
  • On the most fundamental level, you must make sure your brand typeface is easy to read to build brand recognition.
  • Think about whether your logo will primarily appear on printed items, like clothing or signage or digital assets.
  • Learn the four main font types and how to strategically choose a logo font that will reflect your brand identity and maximize your brand awareness.

There are occasions when using more than three fonts is justified, but the golden rule for most cases is to stick to just two or three. You’d want to use light colors with extravagant fonts and intense colors with low-key fonts. They are meant to be readable from a long distance and have been used heavily in billboards, pamphlets, and posters for several decades. For example, they adapt well, even in small sizes or on digital screens. However, navigating the different fonts and choosing the best fonts can be daunting. These days, we have more options and different variables of typeface classification than ever before.

What Types of Fonts Exist

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